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Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic

Your Role in Patient Safety

You’re part of the team for safer health care. The more you know, the safer your health care will be. There are five important tips to keep your health care safer:

1.Give information about your medical history and any medications you are taking to me

2.Get information about your care and medication. If you don’t understand something, ask.

3.Bring a friend to help you ask questions, listen, and understand.

4.Keep it clean by asking visitors and caregivers to clean their hands before every visit.

5.Know what to do after every appointment, clinic stay or my office visit. If you don’t understand something, ask.Type your paragraph here.

Treatment Methods

Chinese Herbal treatment is the most important method of treatment by doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We provide Single Chinese Herbal Tea, which are small particles of sacks, very simple to use, like a instant coffee. Of course, you can also choose the traditional method of taking the medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine is later followed by boiling and then taking.

Acupuncture, or needling, is a type of therapy that stimulates certain locations or points of the body, by manipulating needles or other similar instruments. It has now been established that acupuncture are suitable for a wide range of applications, have good therapeutic efficacy, are inexpensive and easy to perform, and most importantly, have an excellent safety profile. All the methods in acupuncture treat disease by exerting a certain stimulation on the body especially at points by which to free the channels and collaterals in order to move qi and activate blood so as to regulate the balance between yin and yang; to coordinate the functions of zang-fu organs, and to support the healthy qi and eliminate the evil qi.

Cupping is a therapy in which a jar is attached to the skin surface using negative pressure created by introducing a flame into the cup or some other means of suction so as to form a localized congestion or blood stagnation to prevent or treat certain diseases. All capping done during ancient times is flame-induced suction, hence the name” Flame Cupping.”

Cupping can free channels and dredge collaterals, promote qi and activate blood, relieve swelling and pain, and dispel wind and scatter cold. Cupping has numerous applications such as used to treat arthritis due to wind-cold-dampness, acute sprains, common colds, cough, asthma,  indigestion, stomach ache, vertigo, abdominal pain, dysmenorrheal, and headache.


Initial assessment
Gua Sha$30
Herbal therapy*
$40 plus herb’s charge

*Herb’s charge is extra. Typical costs are $40 to $60 per week.

Gao Min

First Visit

How Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis and treatment of disease

Please think about your doctor in Western medicine is how to seek treatment. In fact, you will experience a similar process with doctor of TCM. In general, doctor of TCM will first conduct interrogation, understand your symptoms, the symptoms characteristic of the most painful, the development process, before suffering the disease and so on. At the same time, you will Chinese medicine "medical examination." Check method between Chinese medicine and Western medicine inspection are significantly different, some of which you may obviously feel, for example, let you check out his tongue tongue, extending the wrist pulse diagnosis; some are in the process of communication with your doctors observed silently, you do not and can detect. Chinese medicine called " Looking, Hearing and smelling, Asking, Pulse-taking and palpation ", collectively, the "four examination."

Through the four examinations disease information is collected from different aspects, such as chief symptoms and signs and case history. Symptoms include the patient’s subjective feeling, such as discomfort of the body and abnormal changes, e.g. headache, tinnitus, abdominal distension, aching pain in the lower back, while signs include the abnormal conditions fournd through examination, such as sallow complexion, wheezing, red tongue and rapid pulse. Symptoms and signs are manifestations reflecting a disease or syndrome, which is the foundation for disease or syndrome differentiation.

Next stop is syndrome differentiation. Doctor of TCM makes a comprehensive analysis of the data collected from the four examinations and decides the diagnosis based on the theory of traditional Chinese Medicine. Treatment determination is to consider and formulate the corresponding therapeutic principle and method according to the result of syndrome differentiation.

Subsequent visit

Doctor of TCM will develop further treatment plan based on symptoms, tongue, pulse and other changes.

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