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“Abdominal disorders can be treated with Zusanli. One can search that Weizhong can be use for back and lumbar problems”

“Si Zong Xue Ge”(The Song of Four General Points)

Gao Min

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Try TCM.

Cupping   &   Gua Sha

Ignite a 95% alcohol-soaked cotton ball held with tweezers, put the flame into the cup and circle the flame inside it 2-3 times. Remove the flame and place the cup onto the skin very quickly.

Digestive System Diseases 

How do I do? 

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy-induced side effects

How to do?

Relieve &



Although GaoMin can help you relieve many of the symptoms, but we recommend that you clear Western diagnosis first , because these modern diagnostic tools is very important information, it can not only help Western medicine doctors make a diagnosis and treatment , it can also help Chinese medicine doctors better grasp your condition and prognosis.

Chinese Herbal Therapy 
Herbal Good medicine tastes bitter.

Good advice is harsh to the ear.